MBTI Types in a Horror Movie


ISTJ: The one in denial that there’s actually a killer

ISFJ: The one who calls out “Who’s there?” as if the killer will answer

ESTJ: The one who tries to tell everyone else what to do

ESFJ: The one who screams at everything

ISTP: The one who finds a really good hiding place

ISFP: The one who dies first

ESTP: The one wondering around without a flashlight

ESFP: The one who tries to hook up with the killer

INFJ: The one who knows what’s going on but no one will listen to them

ENFJ: The one who keeps saying “It’ll be ok” even though they don’t believe it

INFP: The one who sacrifices themselves

ENFP: The one who figures out who the killer is a little too late

INTJ: The one who everyone thinks is the killer

ENTJ: The one who tries to fight back but ends up dead

INTP: The one who created the monster

ENTP: The one who makes it until the end

The accuracy of the INFJ role kills me. lol No one ever listens to me!!

mbti horror humor lol

"Compassion counts above all else — more than intelligence, wealth, power or prominence. Those who have it, and extend it to all living beings, fully understand its potential to single-handedly change the world."
- Brennan Browne

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Brennan Browne quotes compassion

Andrea Gibson - Stay

is in the eye of the beholder. 
You hold me so well 
that I am almost convinced 
that smoke in the mirror 
might one day disappear.”

Falling… <3

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